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Hi! I'm zkitty.

I'm a software engineer, crypto tech enthusiast, and technical analysit.
I'm living in Tokyo, Japan.

My vision

I(We)'ll change the fiance with crypto technology.

My history

Let me describe what I chosen and what I did for previous 4 years.

  • Academic Research
    • human brain informatics
    • Reinforcement learning algorithm in complexity science
  • R&D project: Cryptographic protocol design and PoC implementation
  • Web system development with Bitcoin, Ethereum
    • Staking node management system
  • Quontitative trader and technical analyst
    • Bitoin future/derivative trading
    • Architect of analization with time-seriese data and pipeline
  • Development of derivative trading engine
  • DeFi Analysis company <= now!


  • AR name card demo
  • Binance trading system
  • Solana trading bot
  • brahbrah...