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Culture, Philosophy, Architecture3 min read

Cerberus is moving to Singapore.

I was thinking of Philosophy, Business, Culture, Architecture of organization.

Basis of my perspective

My path to reach to Complexity Science

  • My first target was to describe human thinking/learning in computing model.
    • I studied human brain activity by measuring/analyzing human brain wave externally.
    • On the other hand, I learned how Artificial Intelligence has been developed while studying their methods of modeling and simulation.
    • They are completely different science in academic area.
    • However I realized that core model and structure could be described in a common way.
    • That science exists! Complexity Science.

Complexity Science

  • In Complexity Science, we treat any object as a type of systems in a common way.
    • In the case an object is human relationship, we can discuss SNS network.
    • In the case an object is a car, we discuss traffic congestion.
    • In the case an object is human resource, we discuss organization structure.
    • In the case an object is data packet, we discuss The Internet protocol.
  • That gives us common abstraction methods between atom in physical world and bit in computing world, and between philosophy in human mind and economics in our social activity.


  • wikipedia

Spontaneous order, so-called self-organization in the hard science, is the spontaneous emergence of order out of seeming chaos. In human brain, tons of neurons are acting as whole integrated system and this is called self-organization. This system has been used for other simulation and old-school machine learning architecture.

Culture matters

  • Culture is derived from collective preference/knowledge of those who acts there
    • Culture generates civilization.
    • Culture of company interacts with people working there
    • Culture of market interacts with people acting there
    • Culture of country interacts with people living there

Architecture of organization

I prefer Diversity.

  • Diversity leads resilience.
    • Initial acceleration is not so first.
  • Less diversity tends to be overfitting fall into the local optimum.(correction: 2021.11.19)
    • But initial acceleration is fast.
    • e.g. Japanese working culture
      • Salary-man and Karoshi became common word all over the world.
  • Low diversity tolerance is one of the reasons I am going to Singapore.

*Organization represents any group of human, like company and/or country.

Why culture of company matters

  • Skillful people can work independently. There is no sense to work on a certain company/country.
  • Why company exists? One answer is they prefer to work in that culture and people.
  • That represents their statement and preference.

Why culture of country matters

  • Some people can live in any country. For them there is no sense to live in a given country.
  • They can choose which country they want to live.

DAO and engineering culture in crypto


unconscious to conscious

Change the unconscious to the conscious on running

  • Conscious Process Creation of Business
    • Step1: realize issues
    • Step2: create solutions and select the best one
    • Step3: delivery